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  • Name: Male to Display Port HD Male Cable
  • Brief introduction: LS1816
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    • Male to Display Port HD Male Cable

 Male to Display Port HD Male Cable


Supports video-mirroring and extended desktop modes.

Connect DisplayPort-equipped computers/devices to HDMI-enabled televisions

Monitor resolution support up to 1920x1200 and HDTV resolution support up to 1080p

Make HDMI to displayport connections without an adapter

Supports both Audio and Video

Nothing to install just plug and play

  • upports DisplayPort1.2 and 4 lanes

  • AC coupling capable for level shifting

  • Support 4K X 2K & 3D video formats over HDMI

  • Supports multiple color format:RGB 6/8/10/12-bit per component(bpc) and YCbCr4:4:4,YCbCr4:2:2,8/10/12bpc

  • Jitter Cleaning PLL for best compliance

  • Built-in DDC Active buffering Side-band Signals

  • Superior Intra-pair and Inter-pair de-skewing

  • Powered from DisplayPort source

  • GOLD PLATED DisplayPort Male to HDMI Male Adapter Cable, Connect from your displayport Device to HDMI port display devices for video and audio signal transfer.

  • Connect Standard DP (DisplayPort) Laptop/PC to HDMI port display Devices.

  • Superior Intra-pair and Inter-pair de-skewing, Powered from DisplayPort source.

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