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LAN cable patch cord
  • Name: Cat.5e/6/7 FTP Lan Cable Patch Cord
  • Brief introduction: LS1858
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    • Cat.5e/6/7 FTP Lan Cable Patch Cord

Cat.5e/6/7 FTP Lan Cable Patch Cord

Compliance with

1. ISO/IEC 11801

2. TIA/EIA-568-B.2

3. IEC-60332-1

4. UL 444 (CM/CMR grade)

5.  RoHS compliant


1. Conductor:AWG24/26/28 Stranded BC/CCA/CCS optional

2. Insulation:Solid polyolefin.

3. Cabling:4 twisted pairs cabled Side by side into the cable core.

4. Shielding:Aluminum Mylar Spirally Wrapped(SSTP)

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