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USB Typc-C Adapter
  • Name: TypeC M-DVI F
  • Brief introduction: LS1835
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    • TypeC M-DVI F

USB Type-C Male to DVI Female Adapter

Compatibility: Support any Macbook/PC/Laptop/Smartphone

Device that has USB Type-C port


Product Name: USB3.1 type-C to DVI adapter

Product color: white,Gold, Sliver

Product features: This product is a portable conversion line, through digital signal with USB3.1 Type C new interface 

input conversion DVI audio and video output.

The products are widely used: the latest generation of apple and Google laptop with USB3.1 Type C new interface 

input into a DVI port and the TV display device through the conversion of line connection. So as to solve the user's

perfect display device connection scheme.


1) inner conductor: Tin copper, bare copper or cooper clad steel

2) Screen: Single or double bonded aluminum foil. Unbonded aluminum foil, aluminum tape screen

3) Braiding material: BC, TC or CCS

4) Shield: Standard, tri-shield, drop cable

5) Jacket: Flame retardant PVC jacket

6) Messenger: With customers' request

7) OEM and customers' designation and acceptable

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